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What substances can Kykeon Analytics test for?

Our lab is equipped to analyze a wide range of substances from plants to chemicals including psychoactive substances. We can test supplements, nootropics, pharmaceuticals, substances, plant preparations, tinctures, pills, powders, liquids, blotters, fungi, extracts, and more. We can also analyze products for pesticide residues or other toxic additives.
Our advanced analytical methods can quantify the major component of the sample and can identify all active ingredients, even in trace amounts.
We do not analyze physically dangerous substances such as radioactive material, biological samples or biohazardous samples.

Specifically for the SIMPLE QUANTITATIVE TEST we can only test substances listed here

How long does it take to get the results?

We will perform the analysis of your sample within one week of it arriving in our lab. You can track the progress of the analysis in your personal analysis hub, via the link you received after placing an order for the analysis. We cannot control the shipping time of your sample to our lab, so we suggest that you ship your sample with a fast shipping option with tracking so we can begin analyzing your sample as soon as possible and give you your results in a timely manner.

How should I prepare my sample for shipping?

Please follow the instructions in the shipping guide, to ensure that your sample is packed safely before shipping it to us, and to ensure that we have sufficient material to carry out your analysis. If you are unsure about how to package your specific sample, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you.

Is it safe to send samples in the mail?

Small amounts that are packed properly will not pose a physical danger.
Please follow the correct packing procedure. Please note that we do not accept or analyze samples that pose a physical danger, such as radioactive or biological and biohazardous samples. Samples that are not packed correctly or contain physically unsafe materials will be discarded.In particular if you wish to analyze plants and fungi, then please ensure that the sample is fully dried or packed in an airtight container.

Is it legal to have my sample analyzed?

We understand that analyzing a controlled substance can be a concern for some. This is why following best practices such as packing your sample safely and correctly as well as protecting your personal information is strongly advised. In Spain, where we perform the analyses, it is not a crime to scientifically analyze small quantities of controlled substances, and we operate under this model. Therefore, the analysis of your sample is not a crime.
However, we cannot guarantee the legality under the local laws of your country. You are responsible for researching these yourself to be completely safe. In order to help you to be safe our service is set up to be 100% anonymous. We do not need your personal information to carry out an analysis and you may pay for the service using crypto currencies.

Do I need to give my personal information and is my information protected?

You do not need to give your personal information if you do not wish to do so. Kykeon’s analytical service is set up to be 100% anonymous. If you do choose to give your personal information, for instance if you pay with credit card then we guarantee the protection of your information under the following privacy policy. The results of your analysis are also protected under this policy.

Can you perform custom analyses?

Yes! We are happy to perform a custom analysis for your sample. If you would like us to do a custom analysis for your sample, for instance doing a specific NMR or mass spectrometry experiment, or if you want us to follow a specific extraction procedure or quantify a specific minor alkaloid in a plant, then please don’t hesitate to contact us with your request. We always strive to find solutions for each user’s specific needs and we are always happy to expand the analyses that we offer.

Can you test samples in bulk?

Yes. If you wish to have more than 10 samples analyzed then we suggest that you contact us to arrange for the analysis. For bulk order we also offer a discounted analysis price depending on the number of samples you wish to have tested.